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The Alsager United Reformed Church commenced its life of witness and service in the nineteenth century as the Alsager Congregational Church. In 1972 it became part of the United Reformed Church under a wider process of bringing together various non-conformist churches.

Members of the Alsager Congregational Church initially met in each other’s houses whilst funds for the new church building were raised. Our Victorian predecessors were eventually able to erect the present church building in Brookhouse Road in 1876.

Generations of Alsager folk have met and worshipped in the building and celebrated the major moments of their lives here.

However, a programme of renewal is now taking place to continue to provide for the needs of witness to God and service to the community.

Renewal for Alsager United Reformed Church

The gas boiler and heating controls have already been replaced by modern energy efficient models.

The main roof of the church building has now been replaced keeping it weatherproof for another century of service. The new roof is fully insulated to reduce the church’s carbon emissions.

The Church hall has also had new radiators and quotes are now being submitted for the development of the back rooms.


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